chalkboard_footballGetting back to basics

Much of today’s supply chain cost improvement activities focus on part sourcing (RFQs), ‘should cost’ modelling & analysis, and trying to extend complicated enterprise production planning through n-tiers of suppliers.   We believe that developing a fundamental understanding of what materials flow into your purchased parts is where the greatest value is trapped and where the most significant risk exists.  That value can be realized through a data driven approach that allows OEM’s to leverage aggregate material demand for commercial benefit with suppliers, and communicate that demand throughout the Supply Network to manage risk, and improve overall efficiency.

Unlike traditional planning processes, we provide a multi-enterprise framework and data model designed to capture the unique relationships and dependencies that exist between materials, parts, assemblies, components, capacities, special processes and finished goods. The combination of our cloud-based platform and powerful analytic capabilities, allows our clients to proactively manage critical cost drivers across multiple enterprises, geographies, and through n-tiers of partners and suppliers.

Our solutions and data driven approach provides our clients and their extended network of partners and suppliers with a ‘single system of truth’ allowing each stakeholder to operate more efficiently and collaborate against a common set of objectives and goals.

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