As part of our solution and value delivery, we offer a set of unique processes and services designed to help our clients realize the full potential of the solutions we provide.  Supply Dynamics’ work is built on a foundation of custom and domain specific insight and open collaboration.  We strongly believe in listening to our clients and adapting our approach to optimize the overall impact and benefits. We understand from experience that only collaboration with our clients will lead to lasting results and this is reflected in our software, solutions, processes, and services.

SDX™ Opportunity Assessment

A process designed to identify and highlight where and how improved capabilities to monitor, influence and orchestrate parts of your ‘extended bill of resource’ will drive value throughout your supply network.

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SDX™ Part Attribute Characterization

A technology driven data collection and modeling process to access your part attributes. Data sources include engineering drawings, outputs from ERP, PLM, Supply Chain Planning systems, and through systemic surveying of suppliers

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SDX™ 8.0 Managed Services

Supply Dynamics Services Group designs, configures, and manages an instance of SDX™ 8.0 for your organization. Our services team brings years of experience in technology, sourcing, machining, supply chain strategies, and materials.  Managed Services includes SDX expert analysis of your supply network, highlighting opportunities for cost reduction, and providing predefined reporting and raw material demand planning.

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SDX™ Purchased Part Aggregation Services

Supply Dynamics and General Electric have partnered to create a Purchased Part Aggregation Program that offers competitively priced purchased parts and ensures uninterrupted supply. The program leverages the aggregate purchased part requirements of General Electric’s extended supply chain as well as General Electric’s contracts with part manufacturers.

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International Offset Consulting

Supply Dynamics has an impressive track record of working cooperatively with major OEM’s to assist them in the fulfillment of multi-million dollar offset obligations.

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