Why Is Part Attribute Characterization Necessary?

If you are looking to transition parts, develop an RFQ or smartly match part attributes to supplier capabilities, Part Attribute Characterization Services will enable you to:

  • Classify parts by attributes such as primary or secondary manufacturing process, special processes, material type, part finish, part size, material type and more.
  • Match part manufacturing attributes to specific part manufacturer capabilities.
  • Understand part raw material requirements.
  • Identify opportunities to standardize use of raw materials
  • Determine if there is an opportunity to aggregate common raw materials across your Supply Network.

How Does Part Attribute Characterization Work?

Because many OEMs have outsourced the manufacture of a significant portion of the parts that go into their products.  Consequently, they no longer know exactly what materials or processes are used in the production of their parts. The only documentation that some OEMs have are contained in CAD or other design engineering systems. The documentation is not readily accessible to purchasing or sourcing personnel and is difficult to leverage during the sourcing or procurement process.

Ultimately, a part or assembly’s blueprint is the surest, most reliable reference source when it comes to determining part and process attributes.

Part Attribute Characterization is a software-driven service offered by Supply Dynamics where customers provide us with their digital blueprints or other engineering data and we deploy an army of experienced engineers who then document significant attributes associated with those parts. Supply Dynamics then delivers a comprehensive tabulation of attributes by part number that can be leveraged to identify part commonalities for engineering, strategic sourcing, procurement, manufacturing, quality and materials management.

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