Program Overview

Supply Dynamics and General Electric have partnered to create a Purchased Part Aggregation Program intended to offer competitively priced purchased parts and ensure continuity of supply. The program leverages the aggregate purchased part requirements of General Electric’s extended supply chain as well as General Electric’s contracts with the purchased part manufacturers to offer parts at competitive prices. In most cases, the purchased part prices are much more competitive than what an individual part supplier could negotiate on their own. If Purchased Parts are a large portion of an OEM’s spend, they too should consider implementing a Purchased Part Aggregation Program.

As supply chain professionals look to deliver bottom-line benefit in an increasingly competitive environment, Purchased Part Aggregation offers unique and effective solutions to securing sustainable year over year cost savings without the need to purchase costly software applications or deploy valuable resources to implement yet another expensive supply chain re-engineering program. Supply Dynamics’ Purchased Part Aggregation provides the OEM’s extended supply chain with a single point of contact for purchased parts procurement.

Program Benefits

Purchased Part Aggregation ensures that every Purchased Part that contributes to the cost of your finished parts are identified, analyzed, tracked, and leveraged, especially those which go into the finished-parts made by your sub-tier suppliers. In addition, the program provides sophisticated forecasting allowing the manufacturers and distributors of purchased parts to better manage their inventory positions and ensure purchased parts are available when they are needed. Purchased Part Aggregation allows an OEM to proactively expedite its purchased parts and avoid costly delays on the production line.