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The SDX™ Opportunity Assessment is a 2 to 3 day collaborative workshop designed to identify & highlight how improved capabilities to monitor, influence and orchestrate parts of your ‘extended bill of resource’ will drive value throughout your supply network.

We bring a comprehensive understanding of:

    • Materials; (ores/elementals, metals, resins, composites, fasteners, and other material-inputs)
    • Best practices for how companies (Network Sponsors through n-tiers of supply) interact – major sourcing models, what contracts should like, rules of engagements, etc.
    • Sourcing processes, planning and forecasting processes.
    • Economic drivers affecting part and material costs.
    • Legacy system interfaces (inclusive of all major ERP, PLM and Engineering Systems)
    • How today’s sourcing environment should influence the sourcing models evaluated/adopted.

We will develop an understanding of your specific challenges through:

    • Interviews with working members of parts and materials supply teams
    • Analysis of key operational data, systems, parts and materials purchasing information
    • Interviews with 3 to 4 key members of the senior management team
    • A review data sources and existing systems architecture
    • Process mapping and the comparison of “as-is processes” with “best in class” processes
    • Gap analysis,

Key workshop objectives

    1. Baseline your prevailing materials environment, complexity, and strategy; current structure, relationships, commodities targeted, etc.
    2. Engage executives and other stakeholders in conversations about their sourcing challenges, priorities, and objectives.
    3. Gain an understanding of the key business processes, associated supporting infrastructure, and issues surrounding them
    4. Understand the existing data landscape and availability required to support configuring  SDX 8.0
    5. Determine the hard dollar ROI impact of your targeted opportunity areas (using SDX 8.0).
    6. Develop a high level program plan outlining the requisite steps and key deliverables that will enable you to achieve your business objectives


At the conclusion of the workshop you will be presented with an informed perspective of opportunities to deliver value, with a plan for pursuing those opportunities.

For additional information about this service or to learn more about Supply Dynamics and how our solutions can help transform your company’s Extended Supply Chain into a sustainable competitive advantage please contact us: by phone at +1 (513) 965-2000 or via e-mail at results@supplydynamics.com.