Our Clients

Fortune 1000 Global Manufacturing Companies that have made a strategic commitment to extending their influence, control, and orchestrating key sourcing activities on behalf of their extended value chain.

Client Results

GE Energy
GE Healthcare
GE Oil & Gas
PAR Nuclear
GE Transportation
Allison Transmissions
Pratt and Whitney
Honeywell Aerospace
“We needed part attribute and manufacturing process information details about our machined parts so that we could be more efficient with our sourcing.  A number of our drawings are ITAR so we turned to Supply Dynamics because of their experience working with ITAR data. They were able to quickly get us the part attribute and manufacturing process information in the format we needed.  They were very efficient, accurate and a pleasure to work with.”
Commodity Manager for an Aerospace and Defense Company
"I really appreciate the way everything is working out between Barnes Aerospace Windsor Division and the Supply Dynamics organization and I wanted to take the time to write you to expound. We always get shipping notices, which helps cut down on timely questions / requests for information. When we have experienced problems [Supply Dynamics] have always gotten resolution in a timely manner, which helps us both immensely and goes a long way towards building a trusting relationship. When I saw that O’Neal bought into Supply Dynamics I was thoroughly excited, because we already deal with some of their companies and have a seamless existing relationship. It is very nice to come into work and know that there are people out there like yourselves that think and work so hard to service the supply chain."
Barnes Aerospace
Senior Buyer
"During the past three years, Supply Dynamics has served as our "aggregation" service provider, overseeing programs for the consolidation of site and sub-tier supplier requirements for [three important programs]. All three programs were successful in achieving stated program objectives of: (1) greater bill of material visibility; (2) reduced cost, and; (3) improved continuity of supply…" Without reservation, I can vouch for the excellent performance and integrity of the Supply Dynamics organization. Their contribution has been invaluable."
Smiths Mechanical Systems
Director Raw Material Sourcing
"The team was able to comprehend the need and was willing to work to customize a solution that works well for both organizations. They have been responsive to our aggressive schedule and the time pressures of the project. They coded more than 8,000 part numbers in less than a month representing more than 900,000 lbs of material requirements across more than 30 suppliers. It has enabled GE Energy to obtain unified visibility into what was previously a fragmented bill of material spanning dozens of sub-tier suppliers. Ultimately, it allowed us to understand the raw material details of our parts that enable us to partner with the right suppliers to drive productivity and growth Supply Dynamics is passionate about what they are doing and our association has helped us to realize some of the potential of the demand aggregation tool."
GE Energy
Senior Leader Sourcing
“OASIS [SDX™ 8.0] has given our company a visibility into our extended supply chain that has never been available through traditional ERP systems. The lack of understanding about the volume and mix of materials used in the supply base compromised our ability to negotiate favorable pricing agreements and introduced significant risk of supply disruption.”
Airframe Manufacturer
Sr. Buyer Raw Material Commodity Team,