Products Overview

For companies to operate effectively across a complex distributed trading network, a foundation infrastructure must exist that can:

  • Unite a community of stakeholders around a common set of goals;
  • Model collaborative workflows, interactions, and even predicts results;
  • Support the capture and analyses of multi-enterprise data with context;
  • Provide secure, role-based views of all finished goods, parts, materials, transformation processes and capacities;
  • Enable companies to optimize materials and processes by identifying opportunities for cost reduction, standardization and rationalization;
  • Contribute to configurable business process libraries and part/material reference libraries that enable network participants and stakeholders to model existing and desired.

In today’s business environment, companies must ensure competitiveness, continuity of supply, profitability and the ability to manage the risks associated with a globally distributed manufacturing model. SDX™ 8.0 Multi-Enterprise Platform gives companies the power to do just that — to understand the cost of goods sold, find new ways to control those costs to optimize profits, and achieve the flexibility and visibility required to reconfigure network relationships and respond to unexpected events.



What if you could benchmark your metals prices against actual transaction prices for like materials?

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