On-demand solution delivery ensures fast path to value

Our software solutions are subscription-based services that you and your network of external partners and suppliers access with your web browser. They’re known as software-as-a-service, or SaaS. We host and maintain a single instance of each application on a multi-tenant platform in the cloud. That makes them scalable, secure, and replicable, capable of meeting the needs of thousands of customers at the same time.

Traditional enterprise-centric applications are not built for dynamic performance. Typical application development cycles are lengthy, and complicated by the need to support legacy architectures and application versions.

That means there’s no need for you to install or maintain software or hardware; pay frequent; or suffer through a lengthy implementation processes. You always work with the most up-to-date versions, just by paying subscription rates for the services you use. In return, you get fast deployment, easy adoption, and rapid ROI.

What’s more, Supply Dynamics flexible delivery model extends to our service offerings, too. Whatever challenge you’re facing, we can design, configure and deliver the help you need. Our data center, technical support, and expert services are always standing by. And best-practice guidance is available through online and in-person training, and instructional videos.

Most importantly, you can depend on our infrastructure. Our solutions are built from the ground up, fit for purpose, for continuous, secure, and reliable delivery.  Three factor authentication at our data center, continuous video and electronic monitoring, back-up power and internet are but a few of the measures that ensure that your data is safe and secure.