SDX™ 8.0 Multi-Enterprise Platform

Unlike reconfigured or re-provisioned ERP or Engineering Solutions that pretend to be suitable to the task,  Supply Dynamics SDX™ 8.0 Multi-Enterprise Platform Architecture was designed and built from the ground up to manage key components of an on-demand network business process solution, including roles, relationships, resources (parts, materials, capacities, operations, entities) and information.

SDX™ 8.0 is a highly configurable technical platform that delivers a secure and scalable multi-enterprise infrastructure, business process framework and data modeling capability that allows internal and external stakeholders to collaborate effectively across company boundaries. Moreover, SDX™ 8.0 provides the basis for leveraging other existing and relevant applications, services, and information sources throughout the extended value chain – without requiring any significant changes to those legacy systems.  It utilizes a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) structure and protocol to organize a set of common services that are invoked by the solutions provided.

Illustration of SDX™ 8.0 Platform Architecture