Solutions Overview

Global manufacturing companies face an exceptionally complex economic and operational environment. It presents significant challenges – everything from managing global growth to delivering sustainable cost reductions to enforcing compliance and mitigating increasing volatility and risk. Sourcing and Supply Chain organizations play a critical role in managing these challenges—and in achieving corporate objectives. Yet, now more than ever, managing an increasingly global supply base, optimizing complex processes and making sense of distributed data may seem like an insurmountable task.  The task is further complicated when that data is distributed across multiple enterprises, disparate systems, and some cases may no longer even exist.

Supply Dynamics Cloud-Based Solutions ensure speed to value

Our solutions are designed to systematically reconnect finished goods demand for outsourced production parts to the materials and processes used in their production.  We help customers to recover significant value trapped throughout the extended supply chain. Benefits include the ability to understand total value chain material needs, influence and control material and part sourcing decisions, and mitigate part and material price volatility.

solutions_bor_300x200Reconnecting Parts & Materials / Recapturing Visibility

Reconnect finished goods to the materials that flow into your outsourced parts. Assembling the ‘Extended Bill of Resources’ for critical parts of your Supply Network.

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aggregate300x200Demand Aggregation & Consolidation of Spend

Consolidate demand from your entire Supply Network so you can better leverage your entire network spend.

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broadcast300x200Broadcast & Synchronize Demand / Multi-Tier Forecasting & Planning

Using your existing finished goods schedules as input, calculate, broadcast and synchronize requirements for the materials, and processes that are captured in the ‘Extended Bill of Resource.’

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reationalize300x200Rationalize & Consolidate Supply

Analyze your demand for material and processes to support part-material-specification-supplier rationalization and consolidation. Reduces complexity and cost throughout your entire Supply Network.

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orechestrate300x200Orchestrate Sourcing / Multi-Tier Sourcing & Procurement

Implement alternative sourcing strategies and execution models for materials and processes across your Supply Network that leverage aggregate demand and ensure supply..

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monitor_verify_300x200Monitor, Verify & Maintain Supply

Monitor key metrics to ensure smooth operation of your Supply Network. Configureable alerts and built in checks and balances highlight exceptions, minimizing the time to required to understand and resolve issues..

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visualize_300x200Visualize Supply /SDX SupplyMap™

Geographically visualize your Supply Network. Select and drill down on individual nodes and n-tier relationships to analyze parts-materials, manufacturing capabilities, capacities and dependencies.

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