icon_monitorMONITOR, VERIFY

Solution Overview

Automatically monitor and validate the raw material inputs that flow into the finished, part, components and assemblies sourced from your external suppliers.  With this Solution configured, OEM’s-Product Companies can systematically monitor raw material inputs to mitigate the risk of costly disruptions and governmental compliance violations before finished parts supplied by their external partners-suppliers arrive for final assembly.

SDX™ 8.0 Solutions were designed to allow all levels of the raw material value chain to participate in automated compliance monitoring down to the chemical, elemental and physical level.

Highlights & Capabilities

Monitor, Verify & Maintain Supply

  • Visibility: Monitor real-time supply chain events and patterns as they happen;
  • Monitor Sourcing Program performance;
  • Configurable Supply Network Dashboard with Market intel & reporting;
  • Configurable exception management alerts;
  • Collaborative Extended Bill of Resource maintenance (changes, updates, information validation management.

Business Value & Benefits

  • Early warning system for the Supply Network;
  • Proactively coordinate issues before they impact supply;
  • Benchmark stakeholder performance;
  • Optimize: Identify and correct inefficient flows of material and component parts from one sub-tier supplier to another;
  • Ensure sourcing policy & program compliance;
  • Verification: Audit and verify the origin of parts and raw materials from approved sources of supply, including compliance with new SEC Conflict Minerals Regulations.
  • Supports adjacent SDX™ 8.0 Solution Value & Benefits

Your ‘Control Tower’ for managing the extended value chain