Solution Overview

“Fewer things are better”

Re-establishing visibility to the Extended Bill of Resources provides a common framework that allows purchasing, supply chain, materials and value engineering teams to search and identify cost reduction opportunities and implement programs to leverage common parts and materials in designs.

Examples of some leading cost reduction initiatives and programs include minimizing the proliferation of like materials, consolidation of like dimensions, selection of industry standard grades vs. proprietary grades, elimination of items ordered in inefficient quantities, and supplier consolidation.

Highlights & Capabilities

Rationalize Supply / Specification Management

Parametrically navigate the Supply Network to search and identify opportunities to rationalize materials, processes, suppliers, etc.

SDX™ 8.0′s powerful parametric search and reporting empowers the user to create unique analyses using any relevant set of attributes to identify savings opportunities:

  • Reduce the number of materials purchased across their Supply Network.
  • Standardize material dimensions to improve planning and productivity.
  • Consolidate supply and suppliers to optimize efficiency.

Business Value & Benefits

  • Reduce materials and required sizes to reduce inventory items that need to be managed throughout the Supply Network
  • Optimize the total raw material spend
  • Eliminate obsolete materials
  • Standardize specifications – from proprietary to industry standards.
Example of SDX™ 8.0 Part-Material-Vendor view