A view of SDX SupplyMap™ visualization capability

Solution Overview

Supply Dynamics’ SDX™ 8.0 offers a powerful new solution capability, SDX SupplyMap™, designed to provide intelligent data visualization that allows Network Sponsors (OEMs) to view and monitor their entire extended value chain including the n-tier relationships and dependencies required to design, resource, and deliver a finished part.

SDX SupplyMap™ leverages SDX™ 8.0’s robust multi-enterprise reporting and analytic capabilities to provide real-time views of suppliers, parts, components, assemblies, processes, capacities, and the raw materials that flow into finished goods.

Highlights & Capabilities

Visualize Supply / SDX SupplyMap™

Monitor real-time supply chain events and patterns as they happen;

  • Proactively implement contingency plans;
  • Drill down on individual supplier icons to view their role in the Supply Network, portfolio of parts, raw material requirements, and dependencies;
  • Filter through suppliers by individual and multiple part attributes to understand the variation and proliferation of part descriptions, special processes and raw materials consumed;
  • Analyze n-tier relationships;
  • Monitor sourcing policy compliance.

Business Value & Benefits

  • Analyze sub-tier relationships, performance, and align capabilities to optimize yield and overall cost effectiveness;
  • Identify and correct inefficient flows of material and component parts from one sub-tier supplier to another;
  • Identify sub-tier dependencies, make/buy relationships, and chains of custody;
  • Optimize pricing for selected sourcing models involving parts and materials that are subject to significant regional cost pressures;
  • Cooperate with sub-tier suppliers on the purchasing of common raw materials or component based on geographic location;
  • Audit and verify the origin of parts and raw materials from approved sources of supply;
  • Ensure compliance with new SEC Conflict Minerals Regulations through the visualization and auditing of chain of custody for all materials and parts utilized in the extended value chain.
  • Supports adjacent SDX™ 8.0 Solution Value & Benefits